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The hair comes toward the end of bath time so baby doesn’t get best postpartum pads cold. While newborns don’t have much hair, you can sponge the few wisps that are there. To avoid getting eyes wet, tip the head back just a little. Get the camera ready — like all the “firsts” to come, baby’s first bath is a special event.

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  • Touted as the only bath you’ll ever need, we have to admit – it’s pretty versatile.
  • This drain protector has a fantastic design that’s weighted for better stability.
  • But remember, when your baby is in the bath, keep a hand on her.
  • An inflatable design provides the utmost comfort for your little one snugly supporting the baby in an anatomically correct position.

Not everyone has a bath in their home, but everyone has a sink. With this in mind, the ClevaBath™ cocoons your baby snugly in an upright position, so they feel safe and relaxed during their bath time. It has mixed reviews – doesn’t seem to hold any water so baby bay get cold.

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By doing this, you can actually drain the plastic baby bath with your baby in it. Parents seem to love the little baby bath tub duck, saying that it is is a great outdoor toy to play in the backyard or pool. One family even took to the lake and used it as a flotation device. If you have a good-sized adult tub at home, you might prefer a larger bath seat.

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Suitable for any sink over 15.15 inches wide, the bath measures 24.25 inches at the highest point. This baby bath doesn’t have a drain plug, but it’s a snap to pour the water down the sink once you’ve finished with it. We’ve rounded up the best baby bathtubs and bath seats to help to make bath time a pleasant experience. After your baby’s umbilical cord stump has fallen off and the area has healed, you can start to put them into the baby tub for baths.

There are some models on the market that collapse completely, which is handy for travel. If you’re considering one of those, set it up to make sure it’s sturdy before you put your baby in it. Most baby tubs are small, portable, and made of lightweight plastic, so you can put them just about anywhere.

Made from high-quality European standards PVC rubber, there are a lot of safety features included in this bathtub. Made from durable and premium quality fabric, the bather has an easy to dry foam embedded to provide just the right padding for toddlers. The outer frame is made from high-quality metal that offers sturdiness.

Don’t write off second-hand tubs—but avoid used baby tub seats. To prevent burns, always double-check Baby’s water temperature using your elbow or wrist, even if the tub has a thermometer. If your tub does not come with a temperature indicator, you can purchase one separately. It hangs flat when not in use and uses magnets to hold its shape when bathing baby.

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